Rule the Waves with Womens Boardshorts!

They’re not just for men, you know. Womens boardshorts mean you can cover up a little bit more on the beach and still get that perfect summer tan. Or go for the longer traditional option to keep the wax off your legs if you’re surfing warmer waters…

The great thing about boardies for women: you get two styles to choose from. While men get the knee length baggie or nothing, women can pick and choose between Brazilian style hotpant boardshorts or the full length short.

This season’s colours range from awesome Hawaiian style beach prints through eye twisting hippie chick patterns to some lovely pastel colours. Billabong, Roxy and O Neill are all doing womens boardshorts this year; while Ripcurl Girl has put together a selection of fab half length boardies (halfway between a hotpant and a full knee length boardshort) to ring the changes.

Check out all the above for ranges of tees, rashies and bikini tops to complete your surfer chick look for the summer! Lounge on the beach with your full bikini set and sling on some boardshorts to cover up for a quick drink on the way back to the campsite – or just chuck them in your bag so you can move from beach party to evening barbecue without having to go home.

Mix and match womens boardshorts with a Roxy shirt or a Billabong summer sweater for a cute “just got back from a session” look – and wear when you’re out and about on the streets of your surf destination of choice. When you’re in the sea, your boardies will keep the sun off the backs of your legs while you paddle and prevent you getting wax rash while you’re sitting on your board.

Hotpant, mid, or classic – this year’s all about womens boardshorts, shirts and flip flops. Enjoy the summer!

The Calusa Team


Prepare and Enjoy: It’s Time to Think Winter Boots!

Let’s talk about winter boots. We’ve had three massive snowfall winters in a row now – and while the government might not be capable of managing the transport infrastructure so things don’t grind to a halt, you can certainly make a difference of your own this winter. Be Prepared, as the Scouts and Guides used to say, and you won’t even notice when the white stuff starts falling.

One of the most dangerous things about snow is the ice underneath. A pair of decent winter boots give you the grip you need to navigate it. They’ll keep your feet warm enough to feel what’s underneath them too. No more staggering around with lumps of ice attached to your legs, wondering if you’re going to fall over first or just pull a muscle trying to keep your balance.

A winter boot doesn’t have to be a great clumping thing either. Get hold of any Columbia Sportswear boot and you’ll look as good as you feel. From the super funky Powderbug range to the ultra technical Bugaboot, there’s a style for every sport. Columbia even do a range of dressy looking day boots – the Delancy and the EZ DOES IT – that combine neat suede and faux shearing effects with trademarked Omni-Shield water and stain resistance.

Columbia’s winter boots feature non marking Omni-Grip soles for total traction on both wet and dry surfaces, and include a Techlite injection moulded midsole to allow your foot to bend and flex while the sole retains its grip.

Winter’s a long way off yet of course – but it never hurt to start preparing. With styles to suit every look there’s no excuse. Get ready for the snow with a pair of winter boots and you’ll have fun whatever the weather.

The Calusa Team

Perfect Snow Boots, Perfect Day

It’s no exaggeration to say that your equipment can make your day. Take snow boots for example. You can have the perfect powder, fresh and unridden and just waiting for those first carves- but if your boots aren’t up to much you’ll spend the whole time miserable and go home with freezing feet. Walkers need great protection too. Get your feet wet when you’re out in the white stuff and fun is off the menu for the rest of the day.

When you’re into the outdoors, your equipment is an investment: the payoff is the amount of fun you get to have before you start feeling the cold or the wet. Get yourself a proper pair of snow boos and you’ll never feel either. The only thing that makes a skier, a hiker or a boarder with good boots go home is getting tired or hungry.

So what should you look for in a good boot? Strength, protection and flexibility, of course: and for ski or board the right fittings for your equipment. For walking and hiking, you’re looking for a strong, protective bottom half with plenty of grip – and a lightweight top area that delivers water and wind resistance at brisk wind speeds. Good snow boots should feature some kind of closure at the top – a drawstring with barrel locking is best – to make sure that snow can’t get in over the top when you are out and about.

Imported boots are a good idea for UK users. Sounds silly maybe – but we don’t get much snow round these parts, or at least we didn’t until a few years ago. Snow boots that come from companies who’ve had years of experience in powder and slush are designed to perform perfectly in the element you love. Stay warm, stay safe, stay happy.

The Calusa Team

Live for Powder? Love Columbia Ski!

On piste or off, ski clothing needs to do two things: keep you warm and flexible, and look the business. Columbia ski clothing does both with ease – the result of years spent refining their technology and testing their look in the most impressive environments on earth. Guys, girls and kids all get in on the action with the latest ski range from the world’s favourite outdoor clothing company: and this year Columbia has augmented its trademark no nonsense look with some rock solid fashion designs, perfect for zipping down the slopes or kicking back in the after snow bar…

You know you’re in for something special the minute you see the new Columbia ski hat range. Their usual charcoal beanie styles have been augmented with some wild pink Peruvian hats and neck gaiters – and a Malibu fleece hat that can be spotted on even the most crowded of slopes!

Road to Peak vests make perfect under layers for the serious skier. They’re great for daily wear in the UK too: ideal for cool summer’s evenings, when the sun’s gone down – or for walks on the beach during autumn days. A full fleece works for walking or as a light jacket: and the Columbia ski Road to Peak; Downhill; Venture; and Mountain Shredder jacket ranges are perfect winter coats for the UK as well as stunning technical wear for the holiday slopes.

The funky styles of some of the new ranges hide the technical excellence we’ve come to expect from Columbia. Pick of the range? How about the Heli Honey jacket, whose “Shimmer” emboss colouring glows like fresh powder? The Heli Honey is lightweight, superb to look at and offers the highest heat retention in the industry. Like quality? Love Columbia ski clothing.

Columbia Clothing for Kids – Safe, Funky and Fun

Kids love to play dirty – and Columbia clothing loves to play along! Why waste money buying clothes they’re going to wreck in no time flat when you can kit your kids out with the latest mountain ready, water and sun repellent threads from a legendary outdoor outfitter?

Columbia’s unique Omni fabrics (Omni-Shade for sun protection; Omni-Wick for super quick evaporation) keep your little explorers warm in the sun; cool in the shade; and dry even after they’ve gone charging into a river. With a super tough nylon fabric (Columbia’s patented Mini Rip, which nicks and stops rather than tearing right through) to boot, Columbia clothing is the ideal summer armour for boys and girls everywhere.

It’s not just about protecting the clothes, of course (though not having to shell out for a new pair of trousers every two weeks doesn’t hurt). Columbia’s patented sun protection means one Omni-Shade Schooner hat stops sunburned faces all summer long. Whether they’re playing in the park or following you up a mountain, you can rest assured that they’re protected and happy all day long.

Boys and girls get a range of funky colours and styles for valley and mountain: check out the Very Pink (if ever there was an accurate colour description that was it!) Powderbug boots for a ludicrously cute way to protect her feet and ankles on snow days, or how about Columbia clothing’s boys’ and girls’ styled jackets (Electric Blue for the boys, Raspberry for the girls)?

Every adventurer needs somewhere to put his or her lunch. Columbia’s Highroad backpack is ideal for carrying sandwiches and drinks – lightweight, breathable and light on the wallet too. Keep them safe and let them run wild thanks to the innovative kids’ stuff from Columbia clothing.

Surf Clothes Bring the Ocean to Your Front Room…

Hats off to the weekend warrior! Keep your obsession burning with the surf clothes that let your fellow surfers know who you are… From Balin to Quiksilver, from guys to girls, there’s something to make sure that every wave junkie keeps his or her stoke going through the working week.

Seasons aren’t a problem either. UK surfers know just as well as the Cali legend that winter swells bring the best waves: and that means a whole bunch of surf styled jumpers, hoodies and jeans to go with those board shorts and tees. Whatever the weather and wherever you are, you can represent your love with the right kind of surf clothes.

Old school legends and kite surfers will want to show their allegiance with some genuine Dakine (it’s Hawaiian for “awesome”) gear – while the sun kissed surf chick can show off her beach body in Ripcurl Girl, Roxy or Reef. O’Neill and Quiksilver do some fine surf clothes for both sexes too.

Working all week and waiting for the next swell to hit your nearest break is tough enough. Hang onto your freedom with the threads that remind you of your last wave and you’ll never lose the buzz. And with some awesome branded lines for post surf chilling, you can even keep the love going when you go out in the evenings. Billabong; O’Neill; Quiksilver; Ripcurl; and Reef; all have major surf clothes fashion lines for the men and the ladies – perfect for pubs and bars and of course those late evening beach barbecues.

Remember: when you’re relaxing at home after a hard day in the office, your surf clothes are there to remind you where your heart is. Whether you’re brand loyal or you go for anything that floats your boat, it’s all about the ride.

Technical Ski Wear for Every Personality

There are two things that all ski wear has in common: it keeps you warm and it keeps you safe. Modern ski technology uses the same theory as mountaineering and fell running – plenty of layers, plenty of warmth, plenty of flex. And with crossover appeal from some of the funkiest brands in surf and skate wear – O’Neill and Dakine both have their roots in mountains as well as the water – you can get a fully kitted out, super hi tech look to match every style.

Columbia offer a superb range of ski wear: technical, lightweight and protective where it counts, Ideal for the skier who likes to let his or her moves do the talking, Columbia products mean great value, understated appearance and professional quality protection from the elements.

If you like injecting a bit of punk into your piste take a look at the latest range from Dakine. Born from an old Hawaiian tradition that equates the mountain to the wave and back again, Dakine has been making some of the best hardcore ocean and mountain riding gear in the world for a very long time. Their ski wear is as funky as it is functional: the kit of choice for the underground skier, who wants his or her kit to represent the real deal.

Surfanic has the funky angle covered well too. London born and bred, Surfanic makes up for the lack of mountains in their immediate vicinity with one of the most comprehensive testing programmes you’ll find. It must be working pretty well because the company has already made a sustained mark on the snow lover’s mental landscape. Watch this brand go – big things are in the offing.

Whatever your personality off piste, your ski wear can make it shine on the snow. Bring on the powder!

Breaking the Mould with Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor sports enthusiasts have known this secret for years: outdoor clothing is as cool on the street as it is up a mountain! Recent seasons have seen outdoor styles creeping into the high street, which means you can tone up your summer look with some super cool hiking or trekking threads from trail legends Columbia. Break the mould of seasonal fashion and make a statement about the things you love in your leisure time: or simply latch onto the latest outdoor look for a fresh take on your own style.

Outdoor clothing is designed to do a tough job well, keeping you cool in hot temperatures and warm when the thermometer starts to drop. Columbia have combined the rigid technical specifications of all their clothing with a signature look that keeps you standing out from the crowd whether you’re doing it on top of a mountain or just chilling in your local park.

The Columbia company has its roots in the extreme sports of mountaineering, fell running and canyoneering. Its clothes are designed to take a heap of punishment without breaking, and feature all sorts of innovative incorporations: hidden cash and key pockets; reflective chest and sleeve logos; and temperature control fabrics to make sure the sweat stays off when you’re hitting it hard.

Columbia has introduced a smart outdoor clothing range for the evenings too. Supercool leisure clothes including shirts, sweatshirts and trousers combine neat logos with modern styles to bring the freedom of the outdoors into the pub and club – ideal for the fell runner or hiker who’s relaxing in the after-trail bar and perfect for urban warriors out on the town!

Looking for something that sets you apart from the crowd? Bring your passion to your wardrobe with some high performance outdoor clothing.

What’s in a Name? Columbia Sportswear Shows You How to Do Outdoors

Columbia Sportswear is famous for a reason. Behind that name are years of products, years of passion and years of testing high quality sportswear in the most extreme conditions on the planet.

People who love the outdoors know the importance of having the right tool for the job – the right shoe, the right glove, the right base layer and jacket. You can’t run fells when your shoes don’t repel water, or grip perfectly, or react instantly to changes in terrain. You can’t hike when your jacket is too heavy or you get hot too quickly.

Columbia Sportswear has made a name for itself by providing gear that keeps its user the opposite of the prevailing conditions: dry when it’s raining; cool when it’s sunny; warm when it snows. From beanie hats to hiking boots and from hiking trousers to socks, Columbia clothing has given men and women all over the country the ability to hike longer, faster and more comfortably.

So what’s in a name? Trust. When you do your thing outside you don’t have time for substandard equipment. Columbia Sportswear has been responsible for innovations that have changed the face of outdoor pursuits. Its “Omni” fabrics combine the twin properties of sun protection and quick dry evaporation to keep working bodies cool and dry in mild to heavy conditions. Its Mini Rip nylon resists scratches and tears. And it’s all done with the rugged style that outdoors people have come to love.

From casual tops and shirts to advanced technical equipment, Columbia has been making the lives of outdoor enthusiasts better for longer than anyone else. Guaranteed to appear somewhere on the clothing of everyone at the head of the trail, the Columbia Sportswear logo is synonymous with comfort, strength and technical achievement.

Outdoors Clothing From the Feet Up

The outdoors clothing you choose depends on the use you want to put it to. Let’s start with the feet. All trail activities need grip, flex and protection: but the kind of protection you go for changes depending on the sport you’re into.

Hiking boots are essential property for any serious walker. Hills, fells and mountains are beautiful things but covered in rocks and roots and dotted with cracks and drops. A safe walker is a good walker: and that means combining serious grip with the ability to let the ankle rotate properly.

Outdoors clothing for the hiker’s foot comes in two basic incarnations: flexible and breathable (for everyday walking and athletic hiking) and sturdy (for steady long distance fell walking). You’ll find plenty of technical fabrics at play in the former, while your basic long distance boots for steady walking will combine soft leather with tough construction, making them waterproof and immensely strong.

When you get into fell running and trail running, your feet get a whole new range of outdoors clothing: even more technical than the athletic hiking boot and with all sorts of running related functions. The Columbia Drainmaker, for example, combines water shoe tech (quick drying with plenty of runnels to let the water out) with lightweight running shoe characteristics and a sole capable of withstanding the torsion of running over rocky trails.

Choose the type of trail running shoe you use according to the kind of running you do. Bulkier shoes offer more comfort and support, but are unsuitable for racing or ultra distance running: their weight works against them when you are going for quick times or trying to minimise your load. Light trail running shoes are ideal outdoors clothing for competitive feet – but remember, every gram shed from your shoe leaves your feet more open to impact.