What’s in a Name? Columbia Sportswear Shows You How to Do Outdoors

Columbia Sportswear is famous for a reason. Behind that name are years of products, years of passion and years of testing high quality sportswear in the most extreme conditions on the planet.

People who love the outdoors know the importance of having the right tool for the job – the right shoe, the right glove, the right base layer and jacket. You can’t run fells when your shoes don’t repel water, or grip perfectly, or react instantly to changes in terrain. You can’t hike when your jacket is too heavy or you get hot too quickly.

Columbia Sportswear has made a name for itself by providing gear that keeps its user the opposite of the prevailing conditions: dry when it’s raining; cool when it’s sunny; warm when it snows. From beanie hats to hiking boots and from hiking trousers to socks, Columbia clothing has given men and women all over the country the ability to hike longer, faster and more comfortably.

So what’s in a name? Trust. When you do your thing outside you don’t have time for substandard equipment. Columbia Sportswear has been responsible for innovations that have changed the face of outdoor pursuits. Its “Omni” fabrics combine the twin properties of sun protection and quick dry evaporation to keep working bodies cool and dry in mild to heavy conditions. Its Mini Rip nylon resists scratches and tears. And it’s all done with the rugged style that outdoors people have come to love.

From casual tops and shirts to advanced technical equipment, Columbia has been making the lives of outdoor enthusiasts better for longer than anyone else. Guaranteed to appear somewhere on the clothing of everyone at the head of the trail, the Columbia Sportswear logo is synonymous with comfort, strength and technical achievement.