Surf Clothes Bring the Ocean to Your Front Room…

Hats off to the weekend warrior! Keep your obsession burning with the surf clothes that let your fellow surfers know who you are… From Balin to Quiksilver, from guys to girls, there’s something to make sure that every wave junkie keeps his or her stoke going through the working week.

Seasons aren’t a problem either. UK surfers know just as well as the Cali legend that winter swells bring the best waves: and that means a whole bunch of surf styled jumpers, hoodies and jeans to go with those board shorts and tees. Whatever the weather and wherever you are, you can represent your love with the right kind of surf clothes.

Old school legends and kite surfers will want to show their allegiance with some genuine Dakine (it’s Hawaiian for “awesome”) gear – while the sun kissed surf chick can show off her beach body in Ripcurl Girl, Roxy or Reef. O’Neill and Quiksilver do some fine surf clothes for both sexes too.

Working all week and waiting for the next swell to hit your nearest break is tough enough. Hang onto your freedom with the threads that remind you of your last wave and you’ll never lose the buzz. And with some awesome branded lines for post surf chilling, you can even keep the love going when you go out in the evenings. Billabong; O’Neill; Quiksilver; Ripcurl; and Reef; all have major surf clothes fashion lines for the men and the ladies – perfect for pubs and bars and of course those late evening beach barbecues.

Remember: when you’re relaxing at home after a hard day in the office, your surf clothes are there to remind you where your heart is. Whether you’re brand loyal or you go for anything that floats your boat, it’s all about the ride.