Perfect Snow Boots, Perfect Day

It’s no exaggeration to say that your equipment can make your day. Take snow boots for example. You can have the perfect powder, fresh and unridden and just waiting for those first carves- but if your boots aren’t up to much you’ll spend the whole time miserable and go home with freezing feet. Walkers need great protection too. Get your feet wet when you’re out in the white stuff and fun is off the menu for the rest of the day.

When you’re into the outdoors, your equipment is an investment: the payoff is the amount of fun you get to have before you start feeling the cold or the wet. Get yourself a proper pair of snow boos and you’ll never feel either. The only thing that makes a skier, a hiker or a boarder with good boots go home is getting tired or hungry.

So what should you look for in a good boot? Strength, protection and flexibility, of course: and for ski or board the right fittings for your equipment. For walking and hiking, you’re looking for a strong, protective bottom half with plenty of grip – and a lightweight top area that delivers water and wind resistance at brisk wind speeds. Good snow boots should feature some kind of closure at the top – a drawstring with barrel locking is best – to make sure that snow can’t get in over the top when you are out and about.

Imported boots are a good idea for UK users. Sounds silly maybe – but we don’t get much snow round these parts, or at least we didn’t until a few years ago. Snow boots that come from companies who’ve had years of experience in powder and slush are designed to perform perfectly in the element you love. Stay warm, stay safe, stay happy.

The Calusa Team