Rule the Waves with Womens Boardshorts!

They’re not just for men, you know. Womens boardshorts mean you can cover up a little bit more on the beach and still get that perfect summer tan. Or go for the longer traditional option to keep the wax off your legs if you’re surfing warmer waters…

The great thing about boardies for women: you get two styles to choose from. While men get the knee length baggie or nothing, women can pick and choose between Brazilian style hotpant boardshorts or the full length short.

This season’s colours range from awesome Hawaiian style beach prints through eye twisting hippie chick patterns to some lovely pastel colours. Billabong, Roxy and O Neill are all doing womens boardshorts this year; while Ripcurl Girl has put together a selection of fab half length boardies (halfway between a hotpant and a full knee length boardshort) to ring the changes.

Check out all the above for ranges of tees, rashies and bikini tops to complete your surfer chick look for the summer! Lounge on the beach with your full bikini set and sling on some boardshorts to cover up for a quick drink on the way back to the campsite – or just chuck them in your bag so you can move from beach party to evening barbecue without having to go home.

Mix and match womens boardshorts with a Roxy shirt or a Billabong summer sweater for a cute “just got back from a session” look – and wear when you’re out and about on the streets of your surf destination of choice. When you’re in the sea, your boardies will keep the sun off the backs of your legs while you paddle and prevent you getting wax rash while you’re sitting on your board.

Hotpant, mid, or classic – this year’s all about womens boardshorts, shirts and flip flops. Enjoy the summer!

The Calusa Team